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Having Ample Storage is a Key in Smart Kitchen

Kitchens become more efficient and functional with adequate storage spaces. In case of small kitchen, we have to go for multipurpose furniture or other such ideas to make increase the storage spaces. Lira Kitchen is the leading modular kitchen designers in Kannur to develop best and efficient kitchen spaces. 

It is impossible to exaggerate the value of a well-designed kitchen. Your kitchen must be planned and designed to be user-friendly for you and your family. Storage, appliance accessibility, appliance safety, convenient access to food storage, and other topics are covered in this area. Consider the type of storage you prefer and would need to accommodate your daily activities. Nonetheless, I do believe that you must choose wide drawers whenever possible and when there is room for them. Lira Kitchen is bringing best Hafele Kitchen in Calicut with best quality products and services.

Wide Drawers

In any kitchen, wide drawers offer some of the best storage options. To give you an example, a wide drawer may accommodate huge uncomfortable objects, little objects, stacking objects, small kitchen appliances, cutlery, crockery, baking tins, and saucepans. They always provide extremely sensible storage, in my opinion, and are a fantastic solution.


A full-height larder is another excellent piece of furniture; it can be properly organised with fixed shelves or pull-out drawers. It may have pull-out racks or a mix of the first two. All of your kitchen’s dry storage items can go in this larder. You can open both doors to give a general overview of your goods and quickly identify what is needed while you make your shopping list. Vegetable baskets on the bottom level should be added for easier access. Lira Kitchen is dealing with best products to bring best kitchen interiors and is the leading modular kitchen designers in Calicut.

Practical Storage Solutions

Interior designers are professionals at locating useful storage options and are committed to assisting people in bettering their lives. During the initial consultation, the needs of the client will be covered. The interior designer will take notes, do an analysis, and identify any work that has to be done. The designer will make precise survey drawings and take pictures of the area that needs to be redone. They will provide the client with insightful recommendations based on their expertise. The customer will feel extremely satisfied after receiving the service. The demands of the client will be taken into consideration throughout. The fun can start with the coordination of the finishes once all the design-related concerns have been resolved.

Lighting, colour, worktop and cabinet finishes, floor and wall finishes, and their combined textures are all included in these finishes. Plan the kitchen first, then the selection of lovely finishes to go with this design will be the cherry on top. Get a best quote and know the modular kitchen price in Calicut.