modular kitchen design

Must-Haves for a Modern Designer Kitchen

Modern kitchen demands a new look, advanced appliances, and better efficiency. Lira Kitchen is the leading interior designer to bring the best modular kitchen design in Kerala. There are certain things that are a must in the modern kitchen.

High-Tech Storage Cabinets

To achieve strong straight lines, modern kitchen cabinets frequently lack handles and use “slab-door” style designs. But in order to optimize the storage space, modern kitchen cabinets not only have a streamlined appearance but also a tonne of hidden storage and organizing accessories.  Modern storage units are all about optimizing your storage space and keeping your counters clutter-free, from organized bins to rotating caddies to deep drawers.

Exceptional Kitchen Countertops

Since you will be doing all of your work there, the countertop is one of the most crucial areas in the kitchen. The kitchen countertop should be made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability. Some of the long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful materials you can choose for your modern counter design include granite, quartz, marble, and even tiles. Lira is one of the best modular kitchens in Kannur.

The Multifunctional Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a fantastic method to increase your kitchen’s workspace, storage space, and seating area. Additionally, you might put your washbasin on it, a cooking range on it or even a bar. It can also serve as an area where you work from home, where your kids complete their homework, or where you interact with visitors over snacks and drinks. Your one-stop shop for all your needs is the kitchen island.

Kitchen sink with two bowls

One of the most important features of a modern kitchen is the sink, therefore if space and money permit, always choose a double bowl sink. It may save up a lot of counter space and serve as a multipurpose area where you can rinse your fruit and vegetables on one side while washing your dishes on the other. Lira provides the best Modular kitchen designers in Kerala.

The secret is using the right flooring

The following qualities should be checked off when choosing a flooring material for your kitchen:

  • Strong Long-lasting
  • Simple to maintain
  • Simple to clean
  • Unaffected by stains
  • Anti-skid
  • Beautiful in appearance