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Popular Modern Colour Schemes for Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is the heart of your home. This statement is very old and it shows that the kitchen plays a major role in one’s home. There are a number of things that must be considered in having an efficient and functional kitchen. Moreover, the adorability of the kitchen matters a lot in the overall look and feel of your house. Thus, most house owners will create a beautiful and functional kitchen suitable for their spaces. Lira Kitchen is the leading Modular kitchen dealers in Calicut and offers customized kitchen designs.

Monochrome White      

In the near future, white will continue to be a popular colour in kitchens. Wooden accents and strategically placed lighting can bring warmth to the room, making it feel more inviting and less frigid. Black can be used sparingly to offer some visual depth to the room and break up the monotony of white, such as on counters.

White and Grey

White and grey are a classic and elegant combination because grey is the ideal shade to complement white. Your home will look fantastic with white walls and flooring and a grey backsplash. Silver fixtures, such as knobs and faucets, can enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal and give it a metallic sheen. Lira Kitchen is the leading modular kitchen designers in Kerala.

Green, Blue, and White

Green and blue hues can also be employed to soften the angularity of plain white. The colours blue and green give the room a beachy feel and a tranquil atmosphere. Wooden pieces can be employed to give the room a rustic feel, while gold accessories can offer a metallic touch.

White, Gold, and Grey

Grey and white are a classic combination that may make your kitchen stand out, as was previously noted. Gold can further elevate the appearance when added to the mixture. Gold may give the room a subtle touch of beauty while also adding some warmth.

Neutral With A Pop Of Colour

An all-time favourite, neutral tones are perfect for every situation. But neutrals can also be overused, monotonous, and uninteresting if not used correctly. Splashes of colour can energise the area and give it a more contemporary appearance. A vibrant backsplash, floor, kitchen island fruit bowl, or even accent wall can make a big difference. Lira Kitchen offers affordable modular kitchen prices in Kerala.

White and Wooden

White decor and wood go well together. You only need to match the undertones of the wood and practically all hues of white would look fine together. If you want to give this traditional pairing a contemporary twist, go for wood-paneled or wood-tiled walls and flooring with white cabinets as opposed to white walls and wooden cabinets.

Theme: Modern Rustic

A modern rustic kitchen is not at all what we typically imagine when we think of rustic; rather, it is an updated version of old-school. To create a modern area with a rustic undertone, put metal furniture or sleek counters to rustic stone walls and exposed wooden beams.