Modular kitchen designers in Kerala

What All Does the Modular Kitchen Includes?

If you are in the verge of creating a new kitchen, you must consider certain features. Lira kitchen is a leading company to deliver best quality modular kitchen in Kannur. We design and manufacture mind blowing kitchen interiors that will prove excellent in their performance. We design kitchen interiors to maximize every inch of precious space available. The standard modular layout will usually comprises of multiple cabinets for different purposes. In all modular kitchens there will be things like wall units, floor units, tall-storage cabinets, gadgets-storage spaces, etc.

Here are some key points that you should keep in mind as a house owner while renovating kitchen.

Use Low Maintenance Material

By designing of modular kitchen in a smarter way, we aim to make your life simple and smarter. Thus, you can choose to have base materials that are low on maintenance. Steel is a good option as it is very much durable, it is super easy to keep clean and new designs are so trendy.

Having too much steel can make your kitchen to appear cold and commercial. Into this you can add some warmth by blending in some wooden cabinets, granite kitchen tops and create a softer look. Lira Kitchen is the leading kitchen interior designers to offer advanced models of hafele modular kitchen Kannur.

Incorporating the Rule of Golden Triangle

The golden triangle principle is based on a simple philosophy. In this, the cooking stove or oven, sink and food storage areas (refrigerator) are kept strategically. They will be kept in a 4-9 feet gap and also as three focal points of the kitchen. We are using this as a thumb rule to increase the efficiency and performance of the kitchen.

Here you can consider some little things like keeping refrigerator near to other needed things. These little details can make your kitchen more user friendly. The main thing that you must keep in mind is to segregate and bundle according to the functionality that is expected. With the excellence in developing best quality kitchen interiors, Lira kitchen is the leading designers for best modular kitchen in Kannur.

Consider Having a Pantry

A pantry is actually a cupboard where you can stock different kinds of foods, crockery and cutlery. Most commonly these spaces are used to keep food items that won’t perish easily. Things like pasta, flour, rice, dals, etc. are kept here. Those things that perish easily can be kept in refrigerator nearby, so that they will be easy to access.

Bring in Good Ventilation

Bringing in proper ventilation is of much importance for your kitchen and other living spaces. Your kitchen should have a whiff of deliciousness and not overwhelming that will make you repel. Thus, we consider that the modular kitchen is quite incomplete without having a good chimney or exhaust. With excellence in creating modular kitchen interiors, Lira Kitchen is the leading team to design best modular kitchen Calicut. The experience in creating best quality and efficient kitchen designs had made Lira kitchen popular.